5 Ways to Deal With Stress for Busy People

Deal wiht Stress

Ways to Deal with Stress for Busy People written by Alan Anderson

I am living proof that stress can cause health issues if left unchecked. Research shows that long term stress can lead to  a range of stress related illnesses. These include sleep issues, depression, anxiety, weight issues, asthma and even heart disease. As a busy person, Busy people often find it impossible to consider giving time to reducing stress levels. How can we get all our work done effectively, while also looking after every other aspect of our life?

That’s why I’ve come up with five stress reduction ideas that any busy person can use to reduce stress. In a matter of minutes each day you can begin to take small actions towards reducing stress.  This can be achieved through  minor changes in mindset to make stress reduction and wellness a priority. Of course, these won’t solve chronic stress issues, but they can help the busy person to begin the journey of stress reduction.

So, take a few minutes today to try out my five proven ways to reduce stress.

Ways to Deal with Stress - Exercise

Ways to Deal with Stress- Tip #1 – Move It!

It’s easy to get so busy our thoughts get jumbled and our stress levels go through the roof. When you feel stressed, simply move. Take a very short walk and take a few deep breaths.

By simply taking a break and moving, you induce a state change in your brain which can help to reduce your feelings of stress. So, remember to take regular short breaks when you are busy.  These regular short breaks will help you to stay mentally fresh and more productive for longer.

Ways to Deal with Stress

Ways to Deal with Stress– Tip #2 – One at a Time

Busy people often believe they can multi-task to get more done and to be more productive. The reality is that multi-tasking is a mild form of confusion which easily escalates to brains stress and brain fade.  So, drop the idea of multi-tasking because it’s a myth.

By focusing on one task at a time you can switch you brain into peak performance. You will get more done without stress and maintain your energy levels. So, focus on one key task at a time, then move on to the next only when complete. This is a powerful way to keep your brain working effectively and keeping mind stress out of your life.

Ways to Deal with Stress

Ways to Deal with Stress– Tip #3 – Brain Shift

Another great way to reduce stress in only a few minutes, is to use a very short mindfulness exercise. You don’t need to put aside an hour to meditate, simply take a mental break at your desk.  Using short mindfulness exercises each day during work is a great way of keeping your brain fresh and functioning at it’s peak. So, the next time you start to feel brain fade or excessive thought loops, take a few minutes to refresh your mind with a simple mindfulness exercise. Here a three of my favorites from a previous post.

Ways to Deal with Stress

Ways to Deal with Stress- Tip #4 – Power of the Smile

Nobody is perfect, and yet we get angry or upset when people don’t behave exactly according to the high ideals that we hold. This can be yet another source of stress if we don’t recognize it for what it is.  We have to learn how to accept people as they are which is a powerful way to reduce stress.

So, the next time you get upset with someone, just recognize that they are human and probably doing the best they can. Then, put a smile on your face and count to ten and any anger you felt towards them will melt away.

Ways to Deal with Stress

Ways to Deal with Stress– Tip #5 – Expectations

When you take time out to review your life you will see that one of the biggest sources of stress is fear. Every time we have a problem or challenge we automatically assume that it is causing our stress. In fact, you will find that it is fear of failure, rejection or loss that drives much of our stress.

So, your stress comes from the ideals or expectations you set and the fear of not achieving these ideals. We all imagine our perfect future state where everyone loves us and we are perfectly successful in every area of life.

So, to reduce the stress caused by fear, simply set your intentions and let go of trying to control the outcome. Keep moving towards the intended result, but be willing to be flexible. Learn to adapt your expectations and ideal result. We should never fear challenges, but embrace them as opportunities to learn and adapt. This is not about giving up on your goals. It’s a matter of being adaptable. If plan A is not working, review it and adjust to plan B, or plan C.

The Future

Like any new habit, it takes up to thirty days of repetition to form new ones. So, give yourself a real gift and try out these tips over the coming weeks to form a great new habit of stress reduction.

Over time, you will see that reducing stress and becoming more mindful can greatly increase your personal productivity and mental performance.

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