Visualization for Personal Success


Visualization- The Secret Power of Personal Success- written by Alan Anderson

Visualization is one of the most powerful self-help tools that can help you transform your life to achieve personal success.

To the outside world I was at the top of my game, but I had just survived a life-threatening asthma attack and my mind and body were in a complete state of collapse.

I had always been calm and clear in my thoughts, but that state was gone.

The same questions kept coming up for me.  Where had this clarity and calmness gone?  Also, where had my good health gone?

I was stuck in a state of mental turmoil and couldn’t understand how I had allowed myself to spiral out of control. It felt like I had hit rock bottom and I was on the edge of depression. I couldn’t imagine going any lower.

This health scare became a major turning point in my life. In fact, it was the beginning of a period of personal growth and transformation. It seems, this was the ‘wake-up’ call that led me on a mission to improve my health and well-being. I had to find ways to reduce stress and to explore the most powerful personal development techniques available.

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The Choice for Change

Despite this low point, I left hospital with a renewed determination to rebuild my life with a primary focus on health and well-being.

I started this journey by researching and trying the most effective personal improvement techniques, which included using daily affirmations. Despite previous failures, I finally learned the secret to making them effective.

Within six months, my stress levels dropped and my business life took off. That was despite me traveling for two months of this period.

My mental turmoil, which had left me on the edge of depression, had lifted. My relationships with my wife, family and colleagues improved. In fact, for the first time in my life I felt inspired rather than held back.

Life and success seemed to come with less stress and much more ease. I had finally learned how to effortlessly unleash my personal power. What allowed this transformation to happen?

Using correctly structured visual suggestion techniques allowed me to shift my mind from its state of turmoil. Also, it allowed me to displace many of the negative thoughts and emotions that I had allowed to impact my life so badly.

visualization -what is it?

What is Visualization?

The power to move your world is in your Subconscious Mind.William James

William James is considered by many to be the father of psychology.  He understood that the power to change our life began with our mind and in particular our subconscious mind.

Visualization is the process by which our mind works to filter everything we experience through our senses. These filtered experiences are then interpreted by our subconscious mind to create our internal map of reality. Uniquely, this includes our preferences, traits, self-esteem, confidence and every other aspect of what we understand to be us.

It was Henry Ford who coined the phrase; ‘If you think you can and you think you can’t, you are right.’  What he captured here is the essence of how our minds work to shape our world view, beliefs and how we behave in the world.

Creating Your Reality

Every thought and every emotion adds to the creation of our own internal map of reality.  So, this internal map of reality can either allow us to ‘think we can’ or ‘think we can’t’ do something based on previous experience.

Additionally, this extends to influencing whether we believe we can have something or be something, based purely on how we have handled our thoughts and emotions.

Of course, this process happens beyond our conscious awareness. The potential problem here is that over the years, we often let this process run on auto-pilot.  Therefore, we end up with traits and behaviors that take us away from what we want to have, be and do in life. I speak to people every day who voice their frustration that they don’t have the life they really want.

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The Biggest Challenge

The real challenge for us all comes when we have to be honest enough to admit that we are the author of our own reality.

We usually blame every other external factor and circumstance rather than ourselves. The unfortunate truth is that it’s not the economy, it’s not your boss, it’s not because they had more advantages. Where we are in life is all down to our predominant thoughts and emotions. Beyond our awareness we have allowed these to create our current internal map of reality.

The great news is that you don’t have to accept the status quo.

In fact, ou can change this internal map of reality to unleash the powerful you. Visualization is one of the most powerful techniques we can apply that can allow us take charge of this process.  So, rather than leaving it to chance, we can begin to change how we create our reality. With regular visualization practice we can begin planning and creating a more ideal version of ourselves.

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How Does Visualization Work?

Visualization works by combining powerful images and emotions with positive self-talk.  These are used to re-frame the internal map of how we see the world and ourselves in it. This internal map of reality influences our preferences and our behaviors. Limiting thoughts and emotions create limited behavior which often leads to  limited life experience.

Firstly, we need to create a series of highly personal and positively framed images with self-talk text. Then, we spend time each day reviewing these under the ideal state of mind and with the correct intent.

Furthermore, it is the repetition of our preferred future state that can help us to steadily shift our emotional focus to the positive and away from the negative.

Everyone wants to be happy, but very few people are aware that they are allowing very strong negative emotions to shape their life.  Beyond our awareness, our subconscious mind filters every event and every emotion we feel to inform and create our beliefs, preferences and the way we behave on a regular basis.

Daily visualization is about feeding our subconscious mind with emotionally powerful, positive images and statements. Most importantly, this is focused on what we would prefer to believe about ourselves and the world around us. Also, we focus on the traits we would like to develop, change and demonstrate on a regular basis.

Just like you would feed your plants special plant food to keep them healthy, daily visualization is the ‘plant food’ for your mind to keep it healthy.

visualization - rule your mind

It’s Your Choice

‘Rule your mind or it will rule you’-  Horace

Our choice in this matter is very simple according to this quote from the great philosopher Horace.  We must either rule our mind or it will rule us.

Therefore, we can continue to allow unfiltered thoughts and emotions to shape our life. Or, we can take charge and start applying mind power techniques like visualization.

Daily visualization was one of the most powerful tools that allowed me to transform my health, well-being and prosperity. You too can harness your mind power to help you create and unleash your personal power.

Make it Happen

So, start your journey of transformation today.

Collect powerful images that inspire you and combine them with powerful positive affirmations.  Take some time out each day to relax and focus on these visual triggers and repeat your affirmations.

Write them in a journal. See yourself clearly in this future state where you are the powerful version of yourself.

Also, learn to relax your mind and body for a short period  every day. My last post included three simple mindfulness exercises that can help you re-set and rejuvenate your mind during the busiest day. Also, learning how to meditate each day is one of the most powerful ways to switch on your visualization capability as well as reducing stress.

Repeat this process every day. Use these tools to form powerful and positive habits.  Slowly, you will notice yourself acting in new and exciting ways.

I will be posting more about mind power techniques and how to apply them at a later date, so make sure you read out regular blog post each week.

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