The Hidden Power of Thanksgiving Day

thanksgiving day

Thanksgiving Day is a very American holiday that we can all benefit from when we understand and embrace it’s true meaning. Leading up to  Thanksgiving Day,  millions of people feel compelled to travel home to share this special holiday with family.  For many, this four day weekend is about feasting, family reunion, football games and festive parades. It may seem as though the original meaning of thanksgiving day may be lost. However, the power behind the story is still present today if you look closely.

thanksgiving day

The Heart of the Matter

The first pilgrims who arrived on December 11th at Plymouth Rock suffered greatly through their first winter on American soil. The bitter winter saw the loss of  forty six of the original one hundred or so pilgrims. However, with the help and support from the local Indians, the surviving Pilgrims not only survived but flourished. As an extension of their traditional English harvest festival, the Pilgrims celebrated their first harvest with the local Indians who had help them survive. They met in unity to give thanks, feast and express gratitude for the bounties in their lives.

Since the very first Thanksgiving Day, the celebration has been changed and adapted over more than 150 years until it became the holiday we know today. At times, it may seem that the original meaning and power of Thanksgiving Day has been lost.

thanksgiving day

Uncovering the Core of Thanksgiving Day

However, look a little beyond the football and parades and you will still find the reason Thanksgiving Day has endured. The powerful sentiments that first created it are still at the heart of the celebration nowadays.

Presidents like Abraham Lincoln recognized the power behind a national day for giving thanks, even amidst the aftermath of a hate-filled civil war.  He recognized that the act of giving thanks for what we have in our lives also inspires hope for the future.

Therefore, at it’s core, Thanksgiving Day is a national day of hope. No matter what events are happening in the world around us, thanksgiving is about being mindful of the positive aspects in our life right now. This national act of thanksgiving also inspires a mindset of hope for the future. This positive shift in mindset becomes a powerful opportunity to heal.

thanksgiving day

The Power of Thanksgiving Day

The act of expressing gratitude for what we have in our life is a powerful force. The simple act of reflection on our reasons for feeling grateful becomes one time when many millions of people become mindful of the blessings in their life. When we focus on our current blessings, our mind can then focus on a future life filled with joy and hope.

So, we should all harness the power of Thanksgiving Day everyday. This holiday can be a reminder to create our own checklist of gratitude. By reflecting on our own life and the bounties it contains, we create space for positive emotions like joy and hope. This is powerful because most people spend little or no time reflecting on what’s good in their life. Rather they allow their minds to become overwhelmed by every little emotional hurt and perceived fears of an uncertain future.

Moving Forward

We should all embrace the essence of Thanksgiving Day as a catalyst for personal reflection on our lives. Perhaps a reminder to start a powerful new habit by creating your own gratitude list. Take time to reflect every day on what you are grateful for in your life. Use these feelings to then reflect with hope on the future you would like to experience.

In fact, Thanksgiving Day is a reminder that we should live in gratitude and unity every day. Also, it’s a timely reminder that no matter how much is happeining in the world around us, we can still maintain hope for our future.

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