17 Daily Affirmations for Self-Empowerment

Written by Alan Anderson

In my previous post,  14 Daily affirmations for a Great New Year, I outlined how I used daily affirmations to empower my life.

In fact, I used daily affirmations to create positive change to every aspect.

So, that’s why I wanted to share this second post with you. It is focused on daily affirmations for self-empowerment.

 Self-Empowerment Affirmations


I am courageous and confident

Self-empowerment is all about developing a positive mindset and taking positive action for change.

So, this affirmation will help us to build our feelings of courage and confidence.

Therefore, shift your mind from limiting emotions and beliefs about yourself and your life.  Then, see yourself behaving in new and powerful ways.

Over time, this self- empowerment affirmation can help you to break through the comfort zone that often limits our behavior.

Every day, see, feel and hear yourself acting with courage and confidence.

Self-empowerment -I am safe

I am safe

Fear formed from past failure and often unrealistic fear about the future can make the world feel like a very scary and unsafe place.

Therefore, as you focus more and more away from destructive emotions and towards constructive emotions you will notice that the world is inherently safe. It is often our accumulated thoughts and emotions that makes it appear unsafe.

So, affirm that your world is safe. Then, see yourself in this safe world and notice how great this feels.

Also, what does this look like?

With self-empowerment affirmations, you will steadily notice yourself acting in new and courageous ways.

Self-empowerment -I am Unique

 I am unique

Conformity is now pervasive in our society.

Also, destructive emotions can leave us open to accepting an unrealistic view of ourselves. In fact, we are all unique creatures and deserve to live as such.

With this self-empowerment affirmation, list all your unique qualities. Also, think about what unique qualities you want to develop and your purpose in the world?

Given time, you will set yourself free from the limiting behavior of conformity.

Unleash the powerful and unique you, with all the gifts you have to share with the world.


I am Filled with Joy

My own experience proved to me that joy is second only to Love in its self-empowerment.

Therefore, focus you mind on what brings you joy right now.

The more you focus on what brings you joy, the more your ability to experience joy grows.

Also, I use my journal every day to add to the list of everything big and small that has brought joy to me each day.

Give smiles away and you will feel joy. It is impossible to not feel joy and happiness if you put a big smile on your face. Try it now. As you repeat this affirmation, do it with a smile on your face and feel the power of joy running through your mind and body.

Self-empowerment-Joy -Positive Emotions

 I am uplifted by positive emotions

Become aware of how external events can drag you back towards destructive thoughts and emotions.

Then, as soon as you notice this happening, shift your focus back to positive emotions.

This powerful self-empowerment affirmation is about setting the intent that you prefer to live most of your life in the realm of constructive emotions and constructive behavior.

Also, this can be a great way to let go of limiting emotions and thoughts.

So, review the list of powerful emotions and find those that help you to become ‘uplifted’.

Then, use all your senses to see, feel and hear how this lifts your spirits.

Self-empowerment -My Emotions

My positive emotions influence the world around me

As you practice your daily self-empowerment affirmations, you steadily shift your focus towards more constructive emotions. By doing this you find the destructive emotions have less and less impact on you.

So, as you become more positive in your outlook and actions, your life is steadily transformed.

Self-empowerment -Positive People

I attract positive people and situations into my Life

As you continue to shift your mind towards constructive emotions and behavior, you become less fearful and open to a world of immense possibility.

Remember, those possibilities were always there, but merely clouded by fear, anxiety and other negative emotions.

 Self-empowerment-I am a Gift

I am a gift to the world

As you learn to affirm and unleash your personal power, you have time to focus on your purpose in life.

Therefore, as you begin to focus more on others you become a gift to the world and a beacon of radiant power.

  Self-empowerment -I am Perfect

 I am perfect just as I am

As you become more focused on your internal reality, you also become more aware that you are moving forward based on the intent you set.

So, let go striving and set your intent every day. Then, notice how everything unfolds perfectly without stress and strife. As you reach this stage of self-empowerment, you will notice that everything is perfect right now in this moment.

DSelf-empowerment -Creative

I am creative

Daily self-empowerment affirmations combined with the regular induction of deep relaxation response allows our mind to achieve true balance.

When we can master our mind to induce this deeply alert state at will, we have created the perfect state for our natural creativity to flourish.

  Self-empowerment -Wise

I am wise

Wisdom, like creativity is a natural state which is easily disturbed by stress.

Therefore, give yourself time to relax deeply and reflect on your life. Your true personal power lies deep within.

So, learn to become still and quiet regularly and affirm your power and wisdom. This is the space where wisdom will flourish.


I trust my intuition more everyday

Often called gut feeling, scientists have now proven that intuition is another form of intelligence.

In fact, our gut contains some cells that are very similar in form to those found in our brain.

Use your quiet affirmation practice to listen to your gut feeling or intuition. Just observe and see what comes up. More on developing intuition in later posts.

Self-empowerment -New Experiences

 I embrace new experiences

As your daily affirmation practice evolves, you will find your mind becomes more and more open to new opportunities and experiences.

Therefore, where once you may have perceived fear, you will now see opportunity as your view of the world and yourself develops.

Self-empowerment -Kind, Patient

 I am kind and patient

You are now well on your journey of transforming your view of the world from one of lack and fear to one of great opportunity.

You will notice that many people are stuck living in their world of destructive or neutral emotions.

This awareness should be enough to allow you to forgive others and act towards them with kindness and patience.


I am confident

As fear and limited beliefs fall away, you will find that your confidence in yourself and the world around you will continue to grow.

Self-empowerment -successful

 I am successful

Most business books focus on working harder and harder to strive for success.

However, true success and power is not about striving. It lies in the power of understanding and managing our mind and emotions.

Success through force becomes exhausting. Success through mastery of our mind and emotions is truly powerful and effortless.

Self-empowerment -my life unfolds perfectly

 My Life Unfolds Perfectly

Much of the pain and anguish we suffer in life comes from clinging on to very specific expected outcomes.

Therefore, focus on the goal or intent, but don’t sweat the small stuff.

In fact, learn to set your powerful intent, and let go of the specifics.

Given time, this helps you live and work in a state of flow, where creativity and effortless success abound.

Self-Empowerment -Final Word

If you are serious about changing your world, use daily self-empowerment affirmations everyday. The secret to success with affirmations is to make them a positive habit. Use them every day to boost you feelings and replace negative emotions with positive.

Over time, you will build a powerful new habit that will allow you to unleash your personal power.

Also, remember that forming a new habit, good or bad takes constant repetition for at least thirty days or more.

Finally, start your new self-empowerment habit today.

For more wonderful affirmations read my previous post  14 Daily Affirmations for a Great New Year


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