2 Powerful Relaxation Techniques to De-Stress Mind and Body

relaxation techniques

Written by Alan Anderson

Relaxation techniques are a proven way of reducing stress, which is vital if you want to stay healthy in today’s busy world.  If you don’t take action, out of control stress can rob you of your health and well-being. I am proof of this! Please don’t wait until your health collapses like I did.

The busier our lifestyle, the more we can benefit from finding new ways to relax our mind and body.  In fact, learning to relax and maintain a calm focus is the key to accessing a high-performance mindset. Peak mental performance is critical for personal productivity and success.

In fact, the important point here is that peak mental and physical performance cannot co-exist with stress in the long term.  That’s why I want to share two powerful relaxation techniques that helped me restore my health and well-being. Also, these techniques allowed me to regain my energy, focus and overall peak performance.

relaxation techniques for health

Miraculous Body and Mind

We are all blessed with minds and bodies that have very powerful natural rejuvenation system. It is this system that is vital in regulating and maintaining our health.  Most noteworthy is that this natural process can only occur when we can achieve a deep state of relaxation. Hence, the challenge for us is to create this perfect environment for health and well-being to occur.

That’s why using deep relaxation techniques are vital tools for health as much as going to the gym. With regular use, they are a great way to reduce the impact of our stressful lifestyle. This is especially true when we don’t have time to go to the gym or complete other exercise programs. I speak to people every day who don’t know how to control their stress and improve their well-being.

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Over Stressed?

Let’s look at stress and how it impacts life. Our stress mechanism, which is often called the ‘fight and flight’ response, is designed to keep us alert to danger. Our busy lifestyles often mean we live with this stress mechanism permanently switched on. This leaves our mind and body flooded with stress chemicals.

Consequently, we live in a hyped-up state which can leave us feeling exhausted yet unable to relax. This often leads to stress related issues like poor sleep, low energy and poor focus during the day. Long term, this can also lead to severe stress related illness.

The proven way to reduce stress and switch on your natural deep relaxation response is through daily use of relaxation techniques. Below are two of my favorite relaxation techniques. It is not overstating the case to say that these techniques literally saved my life and allowed me to transform my health, well-being and success.

My Favorite Relaxation Techniques

Our modern life styles often mean we are sitting and working with fixed postures that can create muscle tension. It’s often when we try to relax before sleep that our muscle tension.  Not only do we become aware of our tense muscles, but it affects our ability to relax and get comfortable when we want to sleep.

Maintaining regular quality sleep is vital for our health and well-being.  Having our sleep interrupted by muscle tension can leave us tossing and turning.  This adds further stress as  struggle to relax enough to get to sleep.

Lets take a look at the first of my two favorite relaxation techniques, which is focused on dealing with tense muscles.

relaxation tecnniques PMR

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

One of the most powerful and well proven relaxation techniques I found to counteract muscle tension was progress muscle relaxation often called P.M.R.

As the name suggests, P.M.R is a powerful yet simple exercise that allows the user to actively reduce muscle tension. It works by progressively applying extra tension to each muscle set and then relaxing them. When our muscles become relaxed the transition into the sleep state is more easily achieved.

When you combine P.M.R with deep breathing exercises, warm baths and you will find that your muscle tension melts away given regular practice. If you would like to learn more about progressive muscle relaxation, look inside by book “Go To Sleep”

Simply take a few deep breaths and allow you mind to shift to the tense muscles of your body.  Slowly tense each muscle set and hold for five seconds and then as you breath out release the tension. Repeat this process for every set of muscles. In future posts I will be sharing a P.M.R script which guides you through this process in more detail.

relaxation techniques mind stress

De-Stressing the Mind

The most prevalent form of stress is mind-stress, and is the most challenging to deal with. It therefore requires specific techniques that focus on how to calm the mind from its overactive state.

The obvious signs of mind stress are jumbled thoughts, inability to focus or switch into a calm mind state. This can leave us with feelings of agitation, which can cause tiredness and lack of energy.

I found that mind stress left me unable to function at my peak during the day.  This caused a drop in my work productivity and effectiveness.  Also, it left me unable to attain regular healthy sleep, which finally lead to stress related health issues.

How often have you been trying to fall asleep and your mind just keeps processing thousands of thoughts at full speed.  If you don’t learn to control this, you may end up on a downward health spiral as I did.

Gain the Mental Edge

Our brains are not designed to stay in the ‘hyper-active’ state for long periods. To stay healthy, we need to be able to switch our mind out of this busy, buzz-state and to induce our natural deep relation response. That’s why learning to calm your mind and maintain focus is vital to long term well-being.

The most well researched and powerful stress reduction tool I found is meditation. When you remove the mystical shroud that surrounds it, you find that it is a very simple yet incredibly powerful method of inducing your natural deep relaxation response.

By gently shifting the mind to focus on one single point, our brain state shifts from the busy ‘buzz’ state into an alert calm state called alpha mind. With regular practice, you can learn to effortlessly shift your brain states from over-active to deeply relaxed and focused. It is this mind-state shift that allows the deep relaxation response to reduce stress hormones.

In over three hundred university studies, meditation is proved to produce a wide range of health benefits. These not only include reduced levels of stress but also lower blood pressure.  Also many people report increased energy levels as well as improved focus and brain function. Another benefit includes a reduction or slowing of the body’s aging process and many more.

Learning to meditate was one of the most powerful personal transformation tools I have ever found.  If you would like to find out more about meditation for health, then visit- ww.makemeditioneasy.com 

If you would like to learn how to meditate at home, you can download my book from Amazon-

‘How to Meditate for Beginners- Secrets to the Powerful You’

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