Progressive Muscle Relaxation Script

Progressive Muslce Relaxation Script

Progressive Muscle Relaxation Script for Deep Relaxation- written by Alan Anderson

Years ago, I had trouble getting to sleep at night due to very high stress levels. This stress left me with very tense muscles.  Often, I took hours to fall asleep because I didn’t know how to release this muscle tension.

So, one of the most effective tools I found to reduce muscle tension was progressive muscle relaxation, or P.M.R for short.

In fact, I used P.M.R about a half an hour before bed time to help me relax my body for sleep.  However, you can also use it at any time during the day when you feel tense.

As the name suggests, P.M.R works by applying extra tension to each muscle set and then relaxing them.

So, a Progressive Muscle Relaxation Script is a very simple exercise plan that guides you through the P.M.R cycle. Used regularly, it can help to reduce tension in the muscles of your body.

Also, you can use my Progressive Muscle Relaxation Script either seated in a chair with an upright posture or laying down.

Therefore, my progressive muscle relaxation script below is all about helping you to focus your attention on each part of your body. So, following this progressive muscle relaxation script will explain how to release the tension in each set of  muscles throughout you body.

Before you start, please remember that the key to success when using P.M.R is to be gentle with yourself.

In fact, the P.M.R process is about teaching your body and mind to let go of tension, not to force anything to happen.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation Script -Let Go

How to Use P.M.R to Let Go

Firstly, decide whether you want to do your P.M.R session either seated in a comfortable chair, or laying down.

Then, when you are ready to start, take a few deep breaths in and out. Also, remember to breathe deeply and gently into your abdomen. Finally, as you breathe out on each breath, feel yourself beginning to relax.

Body Scan

Now, close your eyes and shift the focus of your mind on to your body and continue to breathe slowly and naturally.

So, as you take these few deep breaths, scan your whole body and notice where  you have extra tension or discomfort.

As we survey our body, we complete three very important processes.

Firstly, we shift the focus of our mind onto our body and away from other thoughts. Secondly, we become aware of areas of muscle tension and discomfort within the body. Finally, we begin the p.m.r process of relaxing and letting go of muscle tension.

Now that you have surveyed your body, it’s time to begin using the Progressive Muscle Relaxation Script.

As you breathe in, apply tension to each set of muscles, holding that tension for up to five seconds. As you breathe out, release the tensed muscles and feel any residual tension or discomfort leaving your body as you exhale.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation Script

Using the Progressive Muscle Relaxation Script

Now that you have scanned your body and begun to relax, it’s time to use the progressive muscle relaxation script to guide you through you deep relaxation session.

So, you start  your progressive muscle relaxation session by shifting your attention to your toes. As you gently breathe in, tense all of the muscles in your toes by curling them forward and hold this tension for a few seconds (up to five seconds).

As you gently exhale, let go and imagine any tension being released from your body. Now, you repeat this process by moving your attention up your body, repeating the same tensing and relaxing cycle on each set of muscles.

Below, is my Progressive Muscle Relaxation Script that guides you to each set of muscles in order. In fact, it gives you the order of which muscles to tense and relax.

Then, once you become experienced at P.M.R, you will not need to follow a script. Now it’s time to try the progressive muscle relaxation script below.

Your Own Voice

The most effective way to use this script is to record it onto your smart phone. Firstly, if you don’t have a voice recorder on you smart phone, download a free one from your App Store. Also, use headphones if you want to keep your session private and block out external noise.

Now, record each phrase in the script below and allow about a ten second gap between each. Finally, once you have completed your recording of the full script, play it back to create your own guided progressive muscle relaxation session.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation Script -stress

Toe to Head Progressive Muscle Relaxation Script

Once you have completed your  body scan, take a few more deep breaths.

Now, shift your attention to your toes to begin your P.M.R session.

Toes – Tense, hold and then release your toe muscles. Curl toes under your feet to tense them.

Souls of Feet – Tense, hold and release the souls of your feet. Use an extended toe-curl to assist in tensing the souls of your feet

Move Your Focus to Your Legs

Ankles– Tense, hold and release your ankle muscles. Flex your toes and feet upwards to tense your ankle muscles.

Calves– Tense, hold and release your calve muscles. Use an extended ankle flex to assist in tensing your calve muscles

Thighs– Tense, hold and release your thigh muscles. Use an extended ankle stretch to assist in tensing your thighs

Buttocks– Tense, hold and release buttock muscles

Move Your Focus to Your Lower Body

Stomach– Tense, hold and release your stomach muscles

Lower back– Tense, hold and release lower back muscles

Move Your Focus to Your Upper Body

Upper Back– Tense, hold and release your upper back muscles below the shoulders

Chest– Tense, hold and release your chest muscles

Shoulders– Tense, hold and release your shoulder muscles.

Move Your Focus to Your Arms

Upper Arm– Tense, hold and release your upper arm muscles

Lower Arm– Tense, hold and release your lower arm muscles

Hands– Tense, hold and release your hand muscles. Use a clenched fist to tense your hand muscles

Move Your Focus to Your Head

Neck– Tense, hold and release your Neck muscles

Jaw– Tense, hold and release your jaw muscles

Cheeks– Tense, hold and release your cheek muscles

Forehead– Tense, hold and release your forehead muscles

 Progressive Muscle Relaxation Script

Time Out

Once you have completed a full cycle of the progressive muscle relaxation script, take several deep breaths and scan your body again.

Now, notice how much tension has been released from your muscles. Hopefully you have noticed a reduction in muscle tension. However, if you are still not relaxed enough for sleep then repeat the P.M.R script starting at your head and working back to your toes.

If like me your muscles are still very tense, it is unlikely that you will achieve full muscle relaxation on your first attempt of P.M.R .

So, like any new technique, practice is the key to creating a good result.

Also, if you are new to P.M.R, you may need to complete several cycles through your body  in order to feel a good release of muscle tension.

So, until you become expert at using P.M.R, complete two full P.M.R cycles up and down your body. Then, focus a third cycle of P.M.R just on those muscle sets that are still carrying tension or discomfort.

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