Mindful Living – 7 Tactics for Living Powerfully

mindful living

Mindful living has become my personal super power allowing me to transform every part of my life. I went from being on the verge of mental and physical collapse to a state of personal power, health and fulfillment. That’s why I want to share the power of mindfulness with as many people as possible. The results of mindful living can be extraordinary, but I don’t want to be one of those people that sugar coat everything. Unleashing your personal power through mindful living can be an extremely challenging and messy process. That’s because it involves confronting the pain and frustrations of the human condition. We humans are highly emotional beings with powerful urges that often weaken and even overwhelm us mentally and physically.

Reality Check

So, a word of warning. Don’t embark on a journey of mindful living with ‘rose tinted glasses’. Be prepared to face your deepest fears and discomfort. For those that face the challenge, the rewards are worth the potential pain of the journey.

Mindfulness in essence is all about becoming the observer of our mind without judgement. When you practice mindful living, you bring the power of the non-judgemental observer to every aspect of your life. This is why mindfulness can be so challenging, because as the observer we become aware of how urges, emotions and fears can limit our life.

Using mindfulness is therefore a powerful way to calm and focus the mind. It allows us to move away from the negative urges, fear and anxiety that often leave us overwhelmed. In turn, it allows us to shift focus onto living  a more powerful life right now, rather than being stuck with a limited life we don’t really want.

I do hope this warning has not put your off using mindfulness to unleash your super power. For those ready to face the challenge, here are my seven mindful living tactics that I use everyday to bring power, purpose and passion to my life. Enjoy!

mindful living -gratitude

Mindful Living Tactic #1 – Gratitude

As human beings, we tend to allow negative thoughts and emotions to overwhelm and consume us. Any time I observe my mind being drawn to negative feelings, I take a few minutes out to use a simple mindfulness exercise. This is a powerful way of limiting the toxic impact that negative emotions have on our well-being. The more aware you become, the easier it is to re-focus your mind onto powerful positive emotions.

This is where the power of gratitude can help you. By simply taking a few minutes to focus your mind on the things in your life that you are grateful for, the more powerful positive emotions  flood your mind.  Try this right now.  Create a short gratitude list of people or things that your are grateful for. Read each one and take a moment to think about why you are grateful. Now observe how you feel right now. Gratitude is a great way to flood our mind with powerful  and constructive emotions like love, joy and happiness. For me, the simple act of thinking about my gratitude list makes me feel powerful, strong and happy. By the time I get to the third item on my list, I usually have a huge smile on my face.

So, the next time you feel overwhelmed by any negative thoughts and emotions, simply opt out and give yourself a dose of constructive emotions by reviewing your gratitude list. Also, try to add even more items onto your list.

mindful living -let go

Mindful Living Tactic #2 – Letting Go

One of the greatest gifts that mindful living has given me is that of understanding. When you become the mindful observer you understand that we humans are incredibly complex beings. Mindfulness allows you observe thoughts and emotions without letting them impact how you live your life. The more you live mindfully, the more you can see that other people are doing their best. Finally, you can see that they are just stuck where you once were. Their lives are merely limited from trying to deal with negative thoughts and emotions that impact how they behave.

With this new found understanding it becomes possible to accept people and their behavior as they are. Also, you become more able to let go of trying to change situations. By continuing to be mindful you are able to observe life unfolding, set your own positive intent and move on to shape the life you really want.

mindful living -writing

Mindful Living Tactic #3 – The Observer’s Story

Some people find it difficult to deal with mindful observing as they become overwhelmed with the variety of thoughts and emotions. One powerful way to live more mindfully is to write the mindful observers story. This involves writing down your thoughts and feelings over time. This a great way to see patterns of thoughts and emotions and how they impact you and the way you live your life.

Capturing the observer’s story is a powerful way of curbing the impact of urges and impulses. In the act of writing down what we observe, we limit our desire to act on impulses and urges that may limit our life. The observers story also allows you to understand what situations may be the source of these. This allows us to become more self-aware and  to bring  self-compassion to ourselves. In turn, this can allow us to overcome discomfort to live the life of our dreams.

mmindful living -comfort zone

Mindful Living Tactic #4 – Overcoming Discomfort

It becomes even more evident over time that we all tend to avoid what we perceive as painful. In fact, the key work here is perceive. That’s because, the mindful observer sees that most negative emotions are based on the perception of what may happen in the future.  Therefore, as you review your own written observer story you will recognize that virtually all of our negative emotions and discomfort is based on perception not on any reality.

That’s why we often accept a life that is limited by fear of what may happen. Often, this fear is based purely on perception. So, we often allow our life and how we act to be totally shaped by perceived fear. Otten, any perceived fear forces us to live a life more limited than we really want. This is often called the comfort zone. As the name suggests it is a comfortable place to live life. The down side  is that it comes with constraints that many of us want to break free from.

Therefore, the next time you feel discomfort, bring your compassionate self-awareness to it. Is this discomfort keeping you from acting on something you know you want achieve? Then, gently ask whether you are avoiding action because of perceived pain or discomfort.

By bringing compassionate awareness to any life situation, you are now in a place of creating real personal growth. You are about to break through the barrier of the comfort zone, by recognizing the most discomfort  or fear only perceive. In turn, this can lead us on a journey of personal growth and change. Also, it inspires action towards living the life we really want to live beyond the comfort zone.

mindful living -small steps

Mindful Living Tactic #5 – Thousand Mile Journey

You now have a clear tactic to break down the barrier created by the comfort zone. Of course, this can feel quite daunting as we often observe so much in our life that we want to change and achieve.Firstly, it’s important to understand that life is a journey. As the old zen saying goes, a journey of a thousand miles begins with one single step.  So. we don’t need to feel overwhelmed, but  simply plan where we want to go and take a step.

Mindfulness is about living living in the now without fear of the future or constrained by the past. However, it’s still important to have a clear goal of what we a changing or trying to achieve. These large goals need to be broken down into tiny steps that will lead you towards final destination.

Also, in order to complete your thousand mile journey, it’s important to be flexible about how you achieve your desired result. Set your intention everyday, take tiny steps and accept reality if things don’t work out. In fact, life is always full of challenges. Therefore, make it a habit to explore different ways of achieving the same result.

mindful living -creativity

Mindful Living Tactic #6 – Get Creative

The more we live mindfully the more we observe life without getting tied up in negative emotion and behavior. This allows us to nurture our powerful and highly focused yet calm center. This allows us to access our natural creative capabilities and is also the key to achieving peak mental performance. When we are at work it can be difficult to maintain this peak mental performance.

One of the best ways to regain this peak state at work is to take a few minutes out to complete a simple mindfulness exercise. These are a great way of giving brain a break. Also, they allow us to shift  our brain state from muddled to highly focused and energized.

mindful living -practice

Mindful Living Tactic #7 – Mindful Practice

It’s very easy to become overwhelmed by the huge overload created by overwork, stress and the business of life. The busier life becomes, it’s important to have tools that allow you to keep your mind and body in perfect balance.  The most powerful tool that I have found to bring this balance to life is meditation. In fact, meditation is now the most highly researched stress reduction technique.  Long term meditation has a long list of proven health benefits which include lower blood pressure, reduced aging process, improved brain function, stress reduction, improved sleep and heart health to name only a few.

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What Next?

With any change in life, the key is to take action. It does not have to be drastic, Simply make a small change by bringing mindfulness to one activity each day.  Try one small activity each day that moves you beyond your comfort zone. Become aware of your thoughts and emotions and become the compassionate observer.  Practice mindfulness meditation and mindfulness exercises each day. Use the power of gratitude to lift your spirits and disarm negative emotions. Try one small activity each day that moves you beyond your comfort zone. The more you expand your comfort zone, the more powerful you become.

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