7 Steps to Create a Powerful Manifestation Board

manifestation board

Written by Alan Anderson

A manifestation board is a powerful way to focus your thought energy on what you want to have in your life.

Great leaders and sages throughout history have recognized the power of focused thought in the process of manifesting our physical reality.  So, when it comes to unleashing the powerful you, focused thought is the most powerful energy in the universe at your disposal.

The key of course, is to learn to manifest what you want and not what you don’t want. Unfortunately, its the same process for both.

Where you are today, is the sum of your predominant thoughts throughout your life. As a result, you have steadily created your current state through the process of manifestation.

The good news here is that if you don’t like where you are in your life, you can take control to change what you manifest in the future.

What we focus our thoughts on every day, accompanied with powerful positive feeling, becomes the driving force of change. Furthermore, this is the driving force of personal transformation to manifest change in our life and the world around us.

That’s why, manifestation boards are great tool for creating a future view of what we want to have, what we want to be and what we want to do with our life.

If you want to unleash your personal power and to manifest positive change in your life, create your own manifestation board using the following seven simple steps.

‘Believe that You Have It, and You Will Have It’ -Latin Proverb


1) Manifestation Board Resources

manifestation board -resources

Here is a list of resources you need to collect before creating and using your vision board in order to manifest what you really want.

  • Glue Stick or pins
  • Pin Board or Notice Board
  • Scissors
  • Collection of Old Magazines
  • Writing Journal (optional)
  • Bright Colored Markers

2) Personal Vision

manifestation board -vision

This is the first critical step in getting very clear about what you want to manifest in your life. So, it’s time for some self-review to understand exactly what you want to change. The following questions will help you create your personal vision.

What do you really want to have in your life?

Also, what traits do you want to develop?

Additionally, what skills do you want to have?

Then, what do you want to be doing in the future?

Finally, what specific goals do you want to achieve?

Now, write your answers down and build on the answers by reviewing them each day for a few days. Take your time to dig deep into the vision of your perfect future life.

3) Visual Manifestation Board Library

manifestation board- visual library

Go through all the old magazines that you have collected and begin cutting out pictures, words and phrases that attract you.

Don’t think about this too much, as you have already set your intent in the previous step. So, allow your clear vision to guide you to images, phrases and words that jump out and catch your attention.

The key point here is to not over think this process. Just see what jumps off that page, then cut it out and put it in your visual library.

4) Choice

manifestation board-choice

Now, take your time to collect a good pile of images for your image library.

Once you have around thirty or more images, words or phrases, it’s time to choose the final images for your manifestation board.

Next, take some time out to review your vision and goals that you completed in step 2 above.

Once you have this in mind, go through your image library and review which ones still jump out at you. These should feel strongly relevant to your future vision.

So, if you don’t have a strong reaction to the image, word or statement simply put them aside.

5) Manifestation Board Creation

manifestation board- creation

Now it’s time to get creative. Grab your bundle of favorite images and paste or pin them to your manifestation board.

You may want to use a theme and group similar images, phrases or words together. My own preference is to keep it completely random. However, that choice is completely up to you and what your intuition leads you to create.

Then, once you have all your images in place, use your colored markers to decorate your manifestation board.

Next, add more powerful words, phrases or traits that you want to develop. Just let yourself go and decorate.

You need to make your board as personal as possible, so this decoration process is totally your own choice. Personally, I love adding colored arrows and underlining powerful words and phrases. This seems to help me create strong positive feelings about the surrounding images.

The key point here is, don’t over think this process.

Ultimately, you want to get all your images on a board and decorate it to inspire your preferred future state.

Optional Extra

As well as creating a board, I have had great success by transplanting my images into a writing journal.

For me, using a journal every day can be a great way to capture thoughts to reduce stress and mental overload.

Additionally, because I use my journal every day, it makes it a great place to keep my future state images. This means I can carry my vision board with me, so I don’t have to be in the same place to use it each day.

Again, this choice is totally up to you and what fits best with your life style.

6) Manifestation Secret Sauce

manifestation board- love

The secret source for effective manifesting is to incorporate powerful positive emotion into your images.

Using a range of constructive emotions like love, joy, excitement and happiness is the key.  These powerful emotions can increase the rate at which your subconscious accepts this future state as real. Also, it works to move you towards this future by attracting all the resources and circumstances, to manifest your desires into the physical world.

7) Contemplation

Now that you have your board or journal created, you need to take some time out each day to use it.  So, this requires a few minutes each day to relax, take a few deep breaths and contemplate the images, words and phrases we have created.

As you contemplate your board, don’t forget to add the secret sauce of positive emotion.

To achieve this, think about how you will feel when you manifest each trait or goal on your board. These should make you feel inspired, happy, loving and elated.

So, add these feeling of joy, happiness and love to your contemplation. It is these powerful emotions that act like rocket fuel for the manifesting process. Contemplate your board for a few minutes several times a day until it becomes a habit. This will be one of the most rewarding habits you will ever form…Period.

Letting Go

manifestation board- let go

The other important part of manifestation is to contemplate your preferred future state with powerful emotion and then let it go.  Manifesting your future is a journey not a process of instant gratification.

Over the coming weeks, you may start noticing new opportunities and resources opening-up to you. Often, you may not have reached your bigger dream or goal but you will become more aware of the process of change occurring.

So, become more aware of what is happening in your life and the way your actions and behavior may be changing.

The process of manifesting seems quite simple, yet many people seem to struggle to have success. Follow these simple steps every day for at least two months and you will notice your life changing for the better. The more excited you are about your future every day, the more you will manifest effectively.

Finally, allow daily manifestation to become a positive habit for change in your life. All habits, good or bad, take time to form. So, stick at it and keep practicing. To learn more about manifestation, read our previous blog  9 Simple Steps to Effortless Manifestation.

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