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Life Quotes

Life Quotes for Positive Change- Written by Alan Anderson

Life quotes can be a great source of daily inspiration, which for me was vital when transforming my life from a very deep low point. I consider myself very lucky to have found and applied some of the best life enhancing self-improvement techniques. These have all contributed to my health and prosperity. Therefore, I feel compelled to share one of the simplest and most effective methods I used to transform my life. In essence, I used inspirational quotes to unleash my personal power and to transform my life in every way possible.

Some years ago, I had allowed out of control stress to rob me of my health, well-being and success. In fact, I had hit rock bottom. I needed to find simple tools that would help me move my life forward. That’s why I want to share with you how I pulled myself from the brink of mental and physical collapse. These simple steps, repeated daily helped me return to full health.  They also allowed me to re-build my self-esteem and personal success. Without realizing it, I had allowed destructive emotions and thoughts take over my mind. This downward spiral severely impacted my view of the world.

As my health declined, the world continued to appear more and more dangerous, until I became crippled by fear and anger. With support, I recognized that I needed to make changes to the way I thought, felt and behaved. I had always been known as a very positive person. However, I had allowed myself to slip into bad mental habits where fear and limiting beliefs ruled my life.

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Impact of Thought and Emotions

“All that we are is the result of what we have thought.”  -Buddha

Psychologists confirm that the average person has around 40,000 to 60,000 thoughts running through mind each day. Overall, these thoughts are accompanied by a range of feelings and emotions. A group of thoughts tend to leave us with either constructive, neutral or destructive emotions to deal with.

Without realizing it, I had allowed my thoughts and emotions to shift steadily towards neutral. Left unchecked, they finally led me toward destructive emotions such as fear and anger. The solution I found was very simple and effective. The key was to shift my focus every day onto the very powerful constructive emotions.  These include positive emotions such as love, joy and happiness.

For me, these constructive emotions were like powerful rocket fuel. Used correctly, they propelled  my emotions upwards and away from the fear and negativity that was overwhelming.

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Don’t Waste My Time!

I here so many people say that just reading Life Quotes is a waste of time and that they have no impact. Well, in-essence there is some truth to that statement. Just reading a few quotes each day probably won’t change much in your life.

However, once you understand how emotions, behavior and habits work together, you will soon see how to convert life quotes into your rocket fuel for transformation. The key factor is to focus our mind on more and more positive traits and behaviors we want in our life. The more we focus on developing positive traits and behaviors, the easier negative traits and behaviors are replaced.

Just like the song lyrics we need to ‘accentuate the positive’ and ‘eliminate the negative’. But how to we accomplish this?

Three Simple Steps to Success

Here are the three simple steps I applied every day to unleash my personal power using life quotes. Under the heading above, ‘Impact of thought and emotions‘, you will notice a very profound life quote from the Buddha… “All that we are is the result of what we have thought.”

Take a moment to reflect on this simple yet powerful statement. Every thought you have ever had results in what and where you are right now… scary huh? The key learning point is that we need to become aware of our current thoughts and there impact. Also, we must become aware of feelings and emotions and how they may limit our beliefs and behaviors. The mind is totally powerful in creating our current reality, good or bad.

So, we need to know how to use our mind correctly to get more of what we want in our life and less of what we don’t want.

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Life Quotes Action Point #1 – Awareness

The key action point is to allow yourself some time every day to monitor your thoughts, emotions, traits and behaviors. This allows you to become aware of your current state and what is limiting you. You may be experiencing all sorts of negative thoughts, emotions and outcomes. Therefore, by becoming aware of these limitations we can work out our preferred future state should be.

This can best be achieved by asking yourself a series of questions which might include the following.

What do you want to have, be and do in the future?

Also, what traits and behavior would you like to demonstrate?

And finally, what would your life look like if you had no fear and no limiting beliefs?

Questions like this will help you to define your perfect future state.

Achieve Your Desired Future

Our minds have amazing power over every aspect of our life. That’s  why when we focus totally on our current woes, we are coding our subconscious mind to deliver more of that too us. In fact, our mind works like a guided missile.  Every repeated thought and feeling will translate into behaviors and traits that deliver those outcomes too us. Often this is a life of fear and strong negative emotions. For me, these negative emotions left me angry, fearful and finally impacted my health and wellness.

So, to change this current state, we need to feed our mind each day with some powerful thoughts and feelings focused on our preferred future state. This is where life quotes can help us. They can be a great source of inspiration. Also, they can help us to define some very powerful traits and behaviors that we would like to demonstrate in the future.

Buy feeding our mind this code in the right way, we are giving it a positive and powerful target to aim for. This is a powerful way of affirming your perfect state of being in the world.

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Life Quotes Action Point #2 – Future Vision

The starting point for this process is to define your future preferred state. It’s important to get very clear about what traits, behaviors and circumstances you want in your future life. Then, it’s time to research some life quotes and affirmations that resonate with your desired future state.

Look for images and text that attract your attention and create strong positive feelings. The key is not to overthink this process.  Just find life quotes and images that you find inspirational and motivational. Once you have a collection of strong quotes it’s time to add the secret source that makes the process work effectively.

Add Some Secret Source

The secret source that makes using life quotes an effective change tool is by linking them to very personal and powerful constructive emotions. Every time you look and review your collection of life quotes, you should become almost overwhelmed with strong positive emotions like joy, happiness and even love.

It is powerful negative emotions such as fear and anger that may have helped create limitations in your life. So, it’s time to shift the focus and feed your mind and subconscious with powerful constructive emotions. When you feel bad about something and combine it regularly with strong destructive emotions, you are coding your beliefs about the world and how you relate to it.

So, do the opposite and you will get the opposite result. Your subconscious mind is literal like a computer. If you tell it regularly and with powerful strong emotions- ‘I have no fear’, your subconscious takes this as fact and moves you towards that state.

This can help you totally transform your view of anything you currently fear or to develop new traits and behaviors that you would like to have.

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Life Quotes Action Point #3 – Good Habits

Every habit you form comes from the power of repetition over time. Whether they are constructive or destructive habits, the process is the same. New habits take repeated action for around 30 days for them to become ingrained in our subconscious mind. Therefore, the key to success with personal transformation is to create new positive habits.

So, the best habit you can form is to give  your mind a positive dose of powerful words, images and emotion every day. The more you repeat this, the more powerful it becomes. These five to ten minute sessions should leave you feeling inspired and emotionally uplifted. Most importantly, this works because you are focused on powerful constructive emotions. Secondly, they are linked to powerful statements and images about your future self. Finally, the more powerful and personal you can make this, the more positive impact it will have on your life.

And Now?

I still spend five to ten minutes every day using my journal to review my favorite life quotes. I have adapted many of these into simple yet powerful affirmations about my perfect state.

The beauty of this simple process is that the more you focus on constructive emotions, the less power the destructive emotions have on you. Once this becomes a strong habit, the fear and anger merely subside. This allows you to shift more and more of your focus onto creating a life full of love, joy, laughter with real purpose and happiness.

Therefore, if you want to form great new habits, use the power of life quotes to inspire change.

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