Life In Balance – 9 Proven Ways to Achieve Balance

life in balance

Life in Balance –  written by Alan Anderson

What is a life in balance and why is it important?  For me,  a total lack of work life balance led to a health collapse. Often, it takes a major disturbance in our life before we seem forced to take stock and change direction with our life style.  I was a work junkie whose idea of productivity was to increase the hours I worked. Of course, over time this took a toll on every aspect of life including relationships, health and finances.

This situation forced me to become a student of life balance. In fact, I found this such a powerful way to transform my own life, I became a life coach to help others. That’s why I now feel compelled to share all the wonderful ideas that have positively impacted my life. So, here are my nine proven methods you can use to create work life balance.

life in balance -self awareness

Life in Balance Tip- #1 – Defining Your Balance

As with most personal development work, attaining a life balance starts with a personal stock take of where you are with your life. Just like a GPS device, you need to understand where you are and where you want to go in order to work out a plan of how to jet to your desired destination. So, start by considering each of the following headings in relation to your life.

  1. Health, fitness, well-being
  2. Family, Significant Other, Relationships
  3. Career, Business
  4. Social, Friends, Fun
  5. Inspiration, Confidence, Spiritual, Purpose, Giving Back
  6. Financial
  7. Personal Growth, Learning
  8. Relaxed, Calm, Focused

Think about each of these parts of your life and then give yourself a rating from one to ten. One would be where you feel that this part of your life is way out of balance and ten would be where you are completely satisfied with this aspect of life.

life in balance -life plan

Life in Balance Tip- #2 – Power of the Pen

Write these headings down in a diary or journal and take time to develop a view of your own life balance. You may also wish to add other dimensions to this list. The point here is to review your life balance regularly over a period of time.

Initially, take some time to consider areas of your life where you have given yourself a low rating. This balance rating is simply a way of looking at where you feel your life is out of balance. Once you understand this, its then possible to look at ways to make positive change in your life. This is the beginning of your own personal life plan which is why it’s important to keep it in a diary, planner or journal so your can refer to it regularly as life begins to transform.

life in balance -prioritize

Life in Balance Tip-#3 –  Your Big Rocks

We often get out of balance in life purely because we continue to try to be everything to everyone. We all get busy with life, so the key is to take a helicopter view of  life. By doing this we can then start by looking at what we feel are our ‘Big Rocks’ or life priorities. This idea is all about putting first things first in our lives and making them a priority.

The term big rocks comes from Stephen Covey who is one of the best self improvement writers I have ever come across.  I strongly recommend you take ten minutes to watch Covey’s powerful video of the concept. It was produced some years ago but despite it’s obvious age, the concept is still extremely relevant today.

So, to achieve a life in balance we need to review what’s really important to us. What do we want to be, do or have in our life?

life in balance -time management

Life in Balance Tip-#4 –  No More Time

While Stephen Covey’s idea of putting first things first really works, I do disagree with just putting everything else we need to do around our high priority items. Time is our most precious resource that we must learn to use wisely if we want to feel fulfilled and stay healthy. For me, I could not physically fit all the other tasks around the priority items.

The key for me, was learning to prioritize  and manage key tasks. We cannot be everything to everyone in our life not matter how much we feel we should.  That’s why learning to manage our precious time is vital for work life balance and our health.

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life in balance -unplugged

Life in Balance Tip- #5 – Connected?

Over the years, technology has developed with the supposed purpose of making our lives easier. The reality is often very different. I meet people everyday who are totally distracted by digital devices to a stage where they can’t focus effectively. In fact, many people know feel anxious if they are asked to be separated from their digital devices.

Our ability to be able to unplug from life and to manage physical and mental stress is vital to nearly every other aspect of our life. Without the ability to remove stress from our life, many of our other plans become very difficult. So, give your well-being a boost by being unplugged from the world for a while each day.

life in balance - delegate

Life in Balance Tip- #6 – Help Me

If you really want to achieve a life in balance, it’s important to become aware of your work load. With awareness comes an ability to choose how we respond. With the right tools and techniques its possible to negotiate to move deadlines or to shift the workload. If this is not possible then try to delegate tasks or groups of tasks to others. If you don’t have a team around you to delegate too, then explore the wonderful world of freelance markets. There are literally millions of people who now choose to offer freelance services. I have written about this in detail in posts related to productivity.

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life in balance - body health

Life in Balance Tip- #7 – Body Health

In order to achieve life balance, our body and mind need to be healthy in order to work at peak performance. We all know that it’s important to exercise regularly. For long term success with exercise it’s useful to choose activities you find enjoyable. That way, you are more likely to stick at them for the long term.

Also, it’s important to eat fresh health giving foods and avoid over processed foods. If you are struggling to get healthy, then read my recent post-

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Finally, to achieve a healthy body it’s important to use techniques to reduce body stress.  Here are few related posts about reducing stress using techniques like progressive muscle relaxation.

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life in balance - brain health

Life in Balance Tip- #8 – Mind Health

Like most people, I worked hard at keeping my body fit and healthy. Unfortunately, my mind was like a wild horse that would not slow down which is a clear indicator of mind stress. In fact, mind stress is one of the most prevalent forms of stress which can lead to sleep problems, anxiety and other stress related illnesses. Keeping your mind free of stress allows your mind to stay healthy and to perform at it’s peak. So, here are my three techniques I use everyday to keep my mind healthy.

A Powerful Trio

I regularly use three widely researched techniques to reduce mind stress. In fact, I consider these three my super powers. They are mindfulness exercises, mindfulness meditation and daily affirmations.

I use simple mindfulness exercises  for a few minutes during the day when I feel my mind getting jumbled, stressed and tired.

Mindfulness meditation is a more formal mindfulness practice that I use for about twenty minutes twice a day. This daily practice allows me to calm my mind and transfer a powerful calm focus into the days tasks. Also with time and practice, you find your mental performance continue to increase.

Finally, I use daily affirmations to feed my mind with positive powerful messages each day. Feeding your mind each day with positive emotions and  ideas about your future state allows us to create a map of our preferred future state. Like a guidance system in a rocket, our subconscious mind then continually used this map to steer us towards our new destination.

So, tap into your super powers and make mind health a priority in your life plan.

life in balance -small steps

Life in Balance Tip- #9 – Step by Step

Whenever I’ve failed to achieve a goal, it’s usually because I tried to achieve too much too soon. Getting your work life balance in order is part of your life journey and therefore a big change for anyone. Therefore, make sure you break down any change into small, achievable steps.

Micro-actions are one of the key success factors in achieving any goal. So, once you’ve decided what aspects of your life you need to work on, use some proven goal setting techniques to help you achieve success. Here is a related post around goal setting that may help with this.

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Life in Balance Tip – What Next?

Achieving a life in balance takes a lot hard work, so don’t expect a walk in the park. It takes effort and determination to change those aspects of our life that we know we are lacking.
Making any positive change in our life takes time and effort, so start small. As you achieve little successes in one area of life, try adding other changes. Remember, this is a about a journey. Embrace it and enjoy the journey!


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