10 Inspirational Quotes on Life for Powerful Living

Inspirational Quotes on LIfe

Inspirational quotes on life have become a powerful tool for self improvement in my life. That’s why I want to share with you ten of my favorite quotes that have inspired my journey. I have also shared how I use these as agents of personal growth and development.

Inspirational Quotes on Life - Nelson Mandela

Inspirational Quotes on Life #1 – Finding Courage

Our mind will often create fear about future events that is rarely based on any real outcomes. This is particularly true about new experiences or those that may not have gone well in the past. The key for me was to recognize that most of my fearful thoughts were over inflated. The terrible situations I imagined never came into reality. One great way to build courage is to learn to live more mindfully. Mindfulness can help to reduce any exaggerated fearful thoughts which allows us to develop the courage to take action.

The next time you find your mind becoming fearful of the future, simply take time out to complete a mindfulness exercise. This will move your mind into the present moment which is the state where we can take action. Even the smallest act thatmoves us beyond our comfort zone creates it’s own pulse of courage.

Inspirational Quotes on Life - JF Kennedy

Inspirational Quotes on Life #2 – Purpose and Direction

Some years ago, I fell into the trap of thinking that constant activity was the source of all success. In fact, it became a recipe for my mental and physical collapse. Of course, effort and courage are essential to achieve in life. However, like a ship on the high seas, we must first have a clear idea of where we are going. Therefore, it’s vital to give yourself the gift of time to consider your own purpose and what you want in your life.

Inspirational Quotes on Life - Walt Disney

Inspirational Quotes on Life #3 – Dreams

Our dreams and aspirations are what set us apart from other members of the animal kingdom. We are the only beings on this earth that are self aware, and capable to forming mental plans that we can then create in the physical world. Once you have a clear purpose and direction, you can convert your dreams into specific goals and actions plans.

Inspirational Quotes on Life - Dale Carnegie

Inspirational Quotes on Life #4 – Enthusiasm

In order to achieve any change or major goal in life, we must find ways to sustain our positive feelings over a long period of time. The world is littered with incomplete goals due to lack of enthusiasm and passion. One great way to develop this is to feed your mind every day by finding inspiration. My favorite methods for staying enthusiastic are by using affirmations and mindfulness meditation.

Inspirational Quotes on Life - Ben Franklin

Inspirational Quotes on Life #5 – Time Management

As human beings, we have a limited life span. For me, managing time wisely comes down to a choice. It’s so easy to spend time on computer games, social media, television and many other forms of digital distraction. It was this quote by Ben Franklin that made be realize that I had to allocate my time to the most important activities in life. Therefore, get clear about the important things in your life and give your precious time to that. Then, lose the rest! If you want to make the most of your time on this wonderful earth, learn to focus on what really matters in life to move you towards your goals.

Inspirational Quotes on Life - Dale Carmegie

Inspirational Quotes on Life #6 – Emotion

We are emotional beings. Every thought and every activity comes with an attached emotion. When I notice myself ruminating on a past hurt or fearful thoughts of the future, I use a mindfulness exercise to shift my mind into the present moment.  Once you live in the present moment you can decide the type of emotions you prefer to feel. Therefore, I chose to surround myself with positive people and positive constructive emotions. Once of the most powerful emotions is the joy we feel when we laugh. If you have people around you, unleash some fun and laughter and feel your mood shift. If you are on your own,watch a short video that makes you laugh. Laughter is extremely therapeutic and an instant way of shifting your mind from negative to positive thoughts and feelings.

Inspirational Quotes on Life - Buddha

Inspirational Quotes on Life #7 – Awareness

The Buddha understood the impact that our thoughts and emotions have on shaping how we live our lives. If you want to change any circumstance in your life, begin by looking inwards. Self awareness is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. By becoming mindful it is possible to watch the flow of our thoughts and emotions without judging them.  The more we learn to live in the moment, the less impact negative thoughts have in shaping the way we live our lives. Some of the best ways to develop your self awareness are mindfulness, meditation and visualization.

Inspirational Quotes on Life - Oprah Winfrey

Inspirational Quotes on Life #8 – Overcome the Past

Every experience in life is an opportunity to learn. In fact, too often we allow ourselves to dwell on the past and allow strong negative emotions to rule our life. So, by learning to live mindfully it is possible to bring our mind into the present moment. As a result, the more we live in the present, the more we can experience the joy in every moment. When we allow mindful living to become a new habit, the hurts from the past simply melt away. Also, we can chose to spend more time focusing on planning a positive future state rather than dwelling on past hurts. This is where you really begin to understand the truth in the previous quote…”We are what we think. With our thoughts we make our world.” …Buddha.

Inspirational Quotes on Life - John Gardner

Inspirational Quotes on Life #9 – Self Discovery

This next sentence may sound perverse. I now love the fact that I ended up in a state of physical and mental collapse some years ago. The reason for this unusual view point is that this health challenge was one of those defining moments in my life. Sometimes, these events that at first seem extremely negative, actually become an opportunity for self-discovery. That’s why my passion is helping others discover and fulfill their own potential.

Inspirational Quotes on Life - Hindu Proverb

Inspirational Quotes on Life #10 – The Power of Giving

It’s so easy to become totally focused on ourselves and our own well-being.  There is an old saying that ‘what goes around comes around’.  When we learn to give of ourselves to others, the rewards come back to our life over and over.

If you doubt this truth, try it out for a few weeks. you will find the more you give, the more your receive back into your life. I have always found that the more I help others the more prosperous my own life becomes. So, set your intent to start helping others more.

And Now?

I would suggest you collect your own set of powerful quotes that inspire you and reflect on them every day. Then, you can make these quotes even more powerful when you use them with mindfulness practice, visualization, and affirmations to shape your thoughts and emotions.

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