How to be Successful and Supercharge Your Life

How to be Successful

How to be Successful –

6 Ways to Supercharge Your Life

Written by Alan Anderson

‘They who conquer others are strong. They who conquer themselves are mighty’… Lao Tzu

Learning how to be successful can be a hit and miss affair. Sometimes we must even hit rock bottom before we get serious about our own success.

This was certainly the case for me. I had allowed my life to run on auto-pilot until finally my health fell apart. Then, I found myself struggling to maintain what seemed to the outside world like a successful life.

Finally I hit rock bottom which left me mentally and physically exhausted. This made me realize I could not use working longer hours as my only method of creating success in life.

I knew others created effortless success in every aspect of their lives. I needed to learn their secrets of how to be successful without stress and overload.

Therefore, I had to take stock of every aspect of my life and to research and understand how top performers created great lives with apparent ease and balance.

While I was returning to health, I took the opportunity to review the many books in my library on personal development. From this review, I found that there seems to be six common traits that successful people share.

I used these traits to totally reshape my own life, to bring myself back to good health and to restore my life balance.

Make this the turning point of your life by learning how to be successful with six proven ways to supercharge your life.

How to be Successful - Vision

How to be Successful #1 – Vision

As human beings, we are designed to move forward towards an unknown future. It seems, we are designed  like guided missiles which are programmed to hit a target a long distance away.

Every thought we focus on, both good and bad, effects and guides us to where we end up.

Therefore, the critical question to ask ourselves is where are you guiding yourself?

That’s  why having a clear vision for our life is the first and most critical way to supercharge our success. Most importantly, a clear vision is only possible when you are totally clear about your major life dreams. What is it that you really want to be, have and do in life?

Secondly, these dreams must be transformed into clear smart goals.  In turn, these smart goals can be developed into short, medium and long-term action plans.

Your smart goals with action plans are your road map or guidance system to your future self.  I will be covering how to set smart goals that work in next week’s post.

How to be Successful - MIndset

How to be Successful #2 – Performance Mindset

‘There is nothing so disobedient as an undisciplined mind’… Buddha

I couldn’t believe that people could be very successful and not work eighteen hours a day. Not only that, but they seemed calm and focused. Also, every part of their life was equally successful and in balance.

Most successful people seem to share the trait of a high performance mindset.  This allows them to maintain a highly focused yet calm state of mind, while remaining focused on the actions required to move them forward to their desired future.

Most importantly, this mind discipline allows them to develop very strong belief in themselves and their vision. In essence, this allows successful people to build their self-esteem, courage and commitment. As a result, they are able to achieve their goals and action plans without distraction or stress.

In fact, developing a performance mindset was the driving force behind my own return to mental and physical health.

The most widely researched and proven tool for developing a disciplined mind is meditation. Furthermore, meditation practice can be greatly enhanced by adding  daily practice of visualization and affirmations.

Together, these create a powerful way to build you self-belief, self-esteem and courage, which are vital for personal success.

Finally, in order to develop a powerful success mindset, it is important to consider the emotional impact that thoughts create.

How to be Successful - Emotional Management

How to be Successful #3 – Emotional Management

Every thought, or group of thoughts creates a range of emotions. Often, these can be constructive, but unfortunately we can get trapped with thoughts that are actually destructive to our self-belief and self-esteem.

So, learning to become aware of our feelings and emotions and then managing them, is vital for our success. Most importantly, we must become aware of negative or destructive emotions and what causes them.

Constructive or Destructive?

Once recognized, we can then work on replacing these limiting and destructive emotions with constructive emotions like joy, happiness and love.

Very simply, negative emotions will seriously impact your  self-image and how you therefore behave in the world. Generally-speaking, it is almost impossible to achieve success if you allow negative emotions to limit your world view and self-belief.

Moreover, experiencing constructive emotions on a regular basis is critical for creating powerful self-belief and the success this can bring.

So, you have the choice right now to limit the impact of destructive emotions on your life and to replace them with powerful constructive emotions.

As has been noted, using meditation coupled with powerful visualizations and affirmations can be powerful methods to assist in managing mindset and emotions. Therefore, these should become a key part of your daily focus on your preferred future life.

How to be Successful - Personal Development

How to be Successful #4 – Personal Development

When we aspire to succeed in life , we must also aspire and commit to improve our skills and knowledge.

Generally speaking, success comes as part of a journey and not a single event. Therefore, in order to achieve our life goals, we must be open to reviewing our current skills and knowledge.

Once understood, we can then decide on a personal development plan. This would clarify the skills and knowledge and skills we would need to meet our personal goals.

Skills and Knowledge

We live in an exciting age where large amounts of knowledge are available on the internet. The critical point is to re-ignite your curiosity about any topic and begin exploring and learning.

Much of my own personal development came via resources found on the internet. So don’t imagine success is only for those to complete higher education in a large institution.

Many successful people led and developed their own skills and knowledge without formal education.

Let me highlight this with a quote from Bill Gates the founder of Microsoft.

” I failed in some subjects in exam, but my friend passed in all. Now he is an engineer in Microsoft and I am the owner of Microsoft.”

Get curious. Explore new topics of interest every day. Unleash the powerful you through personal development.

How to be Successful - Inspiration

How to be Successful #5 – Inspiration

Every successful person I have ever met has learned to develop a clear vision of their future as outlined in factor one above.

When you have a clear vision of your future, it is then possible to become inspired.  In fact,  finding your inspiration is a critical element of long term success.

When you become inspired about your life and the future, you tend to become more creative and innovative. Being creative and innovative are vital components for success.These three elements create a snow ball effect. Creativity leads to innovation which in turn leads to inspiration.

Therefore, find what brings you feelings of inspiration.

Then, spend some time every day absorbing the motivation it can bring to your life. Start collecting sources of inspiration, whether it’s your writing journal, inspirational images and quotes, books or your own vision or manifestation board.

Finally, spend a few moments every day focused on your sources of inspiration and use them to inspire your own action.

How to be Successful - Productivity

How to be Successful #6 – Productivity

While there may be a few people who seem to attract success with little effort most success requires hard work and discipline over a long period of time. These people tend to not only be hardworking, but they are very productive because they are focused on action taking on the important issues that move them towards their major goals.

With a strong focus on productivity, they avoid procrastination and distraction which robs many of us of the success we all aspire to in our lives.

Take a long hard look at your own current productivity. What distracts you and makes you procrastinate?

If any activity is not moving you towards one of your key goals including your personal development, then it’s time to ditch it. Life is too short to waste your most precious resource…time.

In next week’s post, I will be covering how to filter your dreams and vision into smart goals and action plans that allow you to create your best year ever.

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