Finding Inner Peace- 11 Easy Steps

Inner Peace

 Finding Inner Peace- 11 Easy Steps- Written by Alan Anderson

I had no inner peace in my life for many years. In fact, I had allowed stress and overwork to almost destroy my health and dreams.

My old life formula was simple. If things went wrong, I just worked much harder and longer hours.  Of course, this formula worked well for some years. Finally however, I reached the stage of stress related illness and collapse.

So, finding inner peace seemed like some far-off notion that was more fantasy than fact. But, a warning from my doctor was very clear. If I didn’t find ways to reduce the chronic stress in my life, I would be unlikely to live beyond age forty-five.

Wake Up Call

This was the wake-up call that led me on a journey of discovery. I needed to transform my life from one of stress and failing health to one of balanced health and effortless success.

Finding inner peace has become a guiding principle of my life in recent years. That’s why I want to share my experience and the transformation tools and ideas that helped me restore my mind and body.

The quote below is by the great sage Lao Tzu. For me, it perfectly encapsulates the essence of finding inner peace. Finding inner peace is about learning ways to become mindful and living in the moment and letting go of the past and future.

‘If you are depressed you are living in the past, if you are anxious you are living in the future.

If you are at peace you are living in the present’…  Lao Tzu

With this in mind, here are the eleven tools and techniques I used not only find inner peace in a very hectic world, but also to also transform every aspect of my life to perfect balance and flow.

finding inner peace - self-awareness

1) Self-Awareness

Like most people, I ran my life on auto-pilot as my life got busier and busier. Also, I only reflected on my work and business rather than on the awareness of my life balance.

That’s why, honest self-awareness is a vital step of recognizing what’s not working well in your life. Therefore, taking time to become self-aware allows you to focus effort on change in that area.

However, remember that self-awareness is not about beating yourself up. It’s about taking time to reflect on those behaviors, traits and skills that you would like to change or improve.

Finding Inner Peace - sound

2) Chill Sound

We cannot feel inner peace when our mind is in a constant state of stress and agitation. One powerful tool that can help you overcome this mind stress is by using the power of sound.

Have you noticed how certain strong rock beats can help increase your feeling of energy?

This is due to the underlying beat that can impact our state of mind. Equally, there is a range of music types and sounds that can help our mind to create a ‘chill’ state called alpha state.

The alpha mind state is created when the mind begins to slow its regular activity and move into a state of alert relaxation which is also the ideal state for study and learning.

Here is a link to some of my favorite chill sound resources which use binaural beats to help you effortlessly achieve inner peace.

finding inner peace -journal

3) Journal

For me, using a writing journal was a major tool for reducing mind stress. Initially, I found it most useful for unloading all the ideas and thoughts that were cluttering my mind just before trying to sleep.

So, the act of writing down your thoughts and creative ideas seems to give your mind permission to let go of nagging, repetitious thoughts.

Remember, if  you allow your mind to maintain an agitated state, this totally stops your  access to inner peace. Therefore, learn to use a writing journal or planner to unload your mind and then link this with mindfulness exercises.

Finding Inner Peace -nature

4) Nature

If you feel agitated and cannot find inner peace, try taking a walk-in nature or park. The simple process of focusing your attention on the sights and sounds you encounter in your walk-through nature becomes a simple exercise in mindfulness.

So, as you walk, shift your focus onto what you can see, here and feel. This brings your mind into the now. So, as we become mindful, the chattering thoughts that create mind stress and rob us of our peace of mind are stopped.

A very simple mindfulness exercise that worked well for me was to simply ask myself  a series of questions. What are five sounds that I can here?  Then, what are five things moving in nature? And finally, what are three smells that I can smell? Your mind obeys and shifts focus to answer these questions and cuts off the regular mind chatter.

This simple mindfulness exercise is a powerful way of quietening your mind and achieving a state on inner peace. In fact, you can use this and other simple mindfulness exercises anywhere and any time you feel stressed.

finding inner peace - state change

5) State Change Work Habit

It is natural for the human brain to get very tired and distracted when we try to focus for long periods on one task.

They use the power of state change to keep everyone’s mind fresh and alert. So, you can learn to use this to keep your brain from getting tired and stressed.

They get their audience to move their brain from listening mode to discussion mode and then from discussion mode to visual mode and so on. By doing this, a good trainer can keep and audience focused and fresh for a very long time.

You can easily apply this tip to keep your mind fresh and focussed during your work day. When you find your mind flagging, induce you own state change. Get up and stretch, or move for a few seconds. A few seconds or a minute of moving can then allow your mind to refocus on your work task as though you had just started. So, break up long periods of intense focus with regular state changes and keep your brain fresh and full of energy.

inner peace -relaxed body

6) Relax Tense Muscles

I suffered very badly from extremely tense muscles, which meant I had real problems relaxing enough before trying to sleep at night.

The most powerful technique I found for reducing muscle tension was Progressive Muscle Relaxation, where you work through every set of muscles in your body and progressively tense them and then release them. This process of progressively tensing and releasing muscles is a great way of reducing muscle tension. You can use P.M.R during the day if you are feeling tense, or you can use it to relax to improve the quality of your sleep at night. I will be posting my own guided P.M.R script soon.

Inner Peace -sleep

7) Healthy Sleep

Good sleep is vital for good health and well-being, which makes it a vital ingredient if you are wanting to find inner peace. I can also attest to the fact that sleeping pills and alcohol are not a long-term solution to sleep problems. I have written at length about great sleep, so I will not add more here except to say that poor sleep will rob you of any chance of finding inner peace.

finding inner peace -meditate

8) Meditation

Learning simple breath watching meditation has been the most profound personal transformation tool in my life and is at the heart of finding inner peace.

Although the process of meditation is very simple, it can be fraught with frustration for beginners as they try to control their unruly mind. Again, I have written at length about the power of meditation to transform health and well-being. You will find more resources on how to meditate on the website make meditation easy.

finding inner peace -visualize

9) Visualization & Affirmation

Using powerful affirmations and visualization every day is a great way of shifting your mindset to focus on your preferred future state. Everything we create in the world comes first from the world of thought and mind, so why not feed your mind with powerful intent of the person you want to become, including the intent of finding inner peace. If you believe, affirm and see yourself as having inner peace, over time you will develop the necessary skills and state of mind.

finding inner peace - emotional management

10) Expectations

We all have dreams and I would be the last person in the world to stop anyone from living their dreams.

However, the problem for most people is that they have dreams that are not specific. Therefore, there can never be a clear plan that allows the dream to be fulfilled.

So, the key is to filter your dreams through the SMART goals process to make sure you have a specific action plan that is achievable.

Many dreams are very large and audacious goals that require a long-term strategy to achieve.

Therefore, the best way to stay on track to your dreams is to break them down into very small elements.

Start with something easy to move you forward. No matter how small the step, take daily action to move you towards your dream. The key is  to keep yourself inspired. If you struggle, adapt your goals to try something that is more easily achieved.

This is called managing your expectations, because the last thing you want to do is set yourself up for failure. By managing your expectations, you will avoid the depression often caused by repeated failures.

Also, you can maintain your inner peace by creating very small, regular, achievable micr0-steps towards your dreams. So, taking micro-steps every day is the key to achieving success while maintaining inner peace and happiness.

finding inner peace -emotional management

11) Emotional Shift

Finding inner peace is impossible if you allow negative emotions to rule your life. Emotional awareness and management is critical to developing inner peace, and becomes a vital success factor for effective visualization and affirmations.

The key to emotional management lies in the use of many of the steps previously mentioned in this article. As you become aware of your limiting emotions, it is possible to work on replacing these with constructive emotions like joy, happiness, and love.  These constructive emotions are all critical in making the other steps outlined above effective.

In the quote at the top of this article, Lao Tzu understood to focus on the now. This allows us to let go of the past and to limit of the power of fear of an unknown future. So, you have the choice right now to live with destructive emotions, or to let go of what is causing them.

Simply shift your focus to anything that brings you positive emotions. By moving our focus to whats happening around us right now, we learn to become mindful. Mindfulness is the key to stopping our mind from ruminating on negative thoughts and emotions.

With practice using all the techniques above, it is possible to steadily reduce the impact and amount of negative emotions you experience. These practices are all designed to help you develop inner peace and unleash the powerful and positive you.

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