14 Daily Affirmations for a Great New Year

Daily Affirmations for a Great New Year – written by Alan Anderson

Daily affirmations were a driving force in transforming my life for the better. That’s is why I wanted to share this post with you. How many times have you made New Year resolutions, only to find you have given up a few months later? Well you are not alone. I struggled with this problem for years. Finally, I discovered how to use the power of daily affirmations to make effective life changes.

It was the father of psychology William James who said,  ‘the power to move your world is in your subconscious mind‘. He recognized that the world we live is directly impacted by the thoughts and emotions we allow to impact our subconscious mind. One way to harness this power of our mind is to use daily affirmations.


Well written daily affirmations are powerful statements of positive intent. It is by feeding our subconscious mind we can steadily change our internal map of reality. Basically, if you change your internal map of reality you can directly impact your external reality. As humans, we are designed to move forward guided by what we focus our mind on the most.  Every thought and feeling you have ever processed are stored in your subconscious mind. The subconscious therefore holds your internal view of your world and how you relate to it.

Daily affirmations allow us to decide on the key traits and behaviors we want to demonstrate in the world. Correctly used, daily affirmations allow us to shift our mind away from negative emotions and traits and onto positive emotions and traits.  It is this shift of focus that allows us to create a clear intent for where we really want our life to be and the type of person we want to become.

Therefore, daily affirmations are  one of the most powerful ways of re-shaping our view of our world and how we see ourselves within it. So, forget those new years resolutions. Spend time each day affirming your perfect future state to see real change in the year ahead.

Using Daily Affirmations

To start, find a quiet place where you wont’ be disturbed and give yourself the gift of time to reflect on your daily affirmations. Take a few deep breaths and feel yourself relax. Then, look at each image and read to yourself in your mind. Use your sense of sight, sound and emotion to boost the effectiveness of your affirmation.

Next, close your eyes for a minute or so and keep repeating the affirmation, feeling the strong positive emotions that each affirmation creates. Finally, see yourself in your future state living the outcome of this affirmation.

Use  your affirmations every day for at least thirty days. By doing this, you allow yourself to create a powerful new habit to transform your life. Also, create a journal with your own inspiring images and text to personalize your own set of daily affirmations.

Daily Affirmations for Prosperity

Daily Affirmations - Abundant, Prosperity

My Life is Abundant and Full of Prosperity

The greatest lesson I learned from Rhonda Byrne’s book, The Secret,  is about the incredible power gratitude can have on our life.

For me, learning to be grateful for what I have right now is a very powerful catalyst to attracting and forming more constructive emotions and behaviors.

So, as we develop our ability to live more in the realm of constructive emotions and behavior, the universe of opportunity opens to us as our mind open.

Daily Affirmations- Happy

I am happy in this moment

Let go of stressful striving and clinging to specific outcomes. Then, maintain your intent and move towards your goal with grace and happiness. Given time and practice, great contentment and happiness will follow. When we learn to live in the moment, we truly live a mindful life where fear and anxiety fall away.

Overall, life will always have its ups and downs. But, as you focus on the ‘powerful now’, you continue to build a strong core of peace. Over time, this peace is less and less effected by all the noise in the world around you.

As you practice daily affirmations, allow powerful emotions to surge through your body. How does this feel? What does it look like? What is happening when you experience this intense happiness?

Daily Affirmations- I have everything I need

I have everything I need right now

Learn to live in the present moment which is Now. Overall, most of our destructive thoughts and emotions come from past events and unfounded fear and anxiety about the future.

So, let them go!  Then, set your intentions and move forward with grace.  Finally, notice what powerful positive emotions come to mind right now?

Feel the power of now and let everything else go.


Daily Affirmations for Great Relationships

Daily Affirmations- Loving

I am loving toward all of life

Love is the most powerful of the constructive emotions.

In fact, the more you give love out to the world, the more you will be ready to receive it from the world.

So, think about all the things in your life that you love each day and your ability to be loving will grow. Overall, you become what you focus on the most.

For me, I found it very powerful to right down everything in my life I loved in my journal. by using a journal, you can capture new ideas on your list every day.

Daily Affirmations- Relationships

I enjoy great relationships

Great relationships of all kinds grow when we can let go of our own expectations and focus on the other person.

We have two ears, so spend at least twice as long listening to people. Also, let others talk without judging. Most importantly, teach yourself to become a great listener and your relationships will become stronger and stronger.

Daily Affirmations -Understanding

I am understanding

It is so easy to jump immediately to judgement. Instead of judging people and making comment, simply listen and try to understand.

Also, learn that you can allow yourself to understand others without it changing your view.

For me, one of the best books about understanding people is Stephen Covey’s the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.  In this book, one of his principles of success is ‘Seek First to Understand, the be Understood. So, learn the importance to listening to understand.

 Daily Affirmations -Love

 I receive love from the world

Experience has proven to me that those who give love and appreciation to others receive love back in many forms and many times over.

In fact, love is the most powerful of all the constructive emotions. Therefore, harness this power by regularly focusing on everything in your life that you love.

Generally, as you focus more on what you love in your life you will steadily open yourself to receive more love.

Daily Affirmations -Forgiveness

 I forgive myself and others

Everybody in the world, even those we may label as ‘horrific’, are doing the best they can at their own level of awareness.

So, when you can let go of judging and labeling, the great power of forgiveness can follow.

By doing this, we are not condoning their behavior, but the merely understanding that they are stuck with a very limited capacity of awareness. So, doing this allows the great power of forgiveness to raise your own level of awareness.  ‘Forgive us, we know not what we do.’



Daily Affirmations for Health

Daily Affirmations -Healthy, Wealthy and Wise

I am healthy, wealthy and wise

Use all your senses to imagine yourself glowing with health, wealth and wisdom.

So, what does this look, feel and sound like to you?

Then, every time you repeat this affirmation see, feel and hear yourself in your future state.  Also, if you prefer you can break each of these into separate powerful daily affirmations,.

Daily Affirmations -Sleep

I enjoy healthy sleep

Healthy Sleep is often one of the forgotten cornerstones of good health and is often neglected.

Most importantly, sleep is the critical state where our mind and body undergo powerful rest and rejuvenation. So, this affirmation is to help you set the intent of healthy sleep and the health and well-being it creates. Therefore, when using this affirmation, focus your mind on the health impact of great sleep.

Daily Affirmations -Energy

I have boundless energy

Set the intent that you have all the energy you need to function perfectly in the world right now. See, feel and hear your body as it flows with all the energy it needs.

Remember, this affirmation is about perfectly balanced energy and not about forcing ourselves to work longer and longer hours in a highly stressed state.

Daily Affirmations -Better Every Day

 I am better every day in every way

As you use this powerful affirmation, imagine yourself glowing with health and well-being.

At first glance, this affirmation is quite general in it’s structure. So, as you use it each day, focus your mind on the specifics of your perfect state. to make it work for you.

Daily Affirmations -Peaceful

I am peaceful

During the hustle and bustle of the day we often feel stressed and out of control.

However, at the center of our being is the very powerful and strong sense of peace that you access when needed.

Therefore, you can use this affirmation through out the day to shift your mind from the ‘stress state’ to induce the ‘deep relaxation state.’ This is a great mindfulness exercise that allows you to quickly reduce mind stress.

With a few deep breaths and repetitions of this affirmation, you can train your mind and body to shift to a highly focused yet relaxed state.

That’s why, this is one of the most powerful mindfulness tools that I use during the day to maintain my feeling of balance and focus.

Daily Affirmations -Calm

I am Calm

This affirmation, when combined with the previous, can allow you to effortlessly let go of stress at any time. Therefore, it’s a great way to regain your calm, focused state of concentration.

So, use these affirmations together during the day to induce a quick state change from stress to focused calm and peace. Repeat these daily affirmations and see, feel and hear your mind and body shifting its state. Any stress or agitation is replaced with your core powerful state of calm and peaceful focus.

What Next?

The key is to practice everyday and to live life more mindfully in order to see how your mind impacts your life experience. As we learn to reshape out internal reality, we also reshape our external world and how we behave in it.

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